The Spize café brand is defined as follows:

spize – /spīz/ (ie. flavor.ful.filled)

v. To use our knowledge of unique spices, found all around Asia, to enhance the flavor of food so that life is better enjoyed.

The only way to know is to try… the Spize of Life.

Spize Café is a quick-service, Asian eatery offering cook-to-order dishes utilizing herbs and spices from the south eastern Asian region, paired with fresh local ingredients.
Spize Café was created as a better alternative to greasy fast-food & processed meat.
One mis-conception we’d like to address:
-       Spize (a play on the word “spice”) does not mean chilli-hot. Chilli is one of the spices but the majority of our dishes are not chilli hot. Most of our dishes are chilli-heat-adjustable to your liking.
With our extensive array of exotic Asian spices such as lemongrass, cumin, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, ginger etc. pairing with locally homegrown produce, we are proud to present to you pure unadulterated fresh flavors in our gourmet baguette sandwiches, fragrant soups, exotic salads, delectable rice dishes, spring rolls and fresh rice paper rolls.
Check out Spize Market for your favorite salad dressings and sauces. Recipes and resources are available on-line or better yet, consult our Spize chef for cooking ideas.
Whether it’s a casual indoor lunch, alfresco dining, gluten-free, vegan, quick carryout or crowd-pleasing catering for your office party, it would be sheer pleasure to be of service to you.
Please note we are unable to accept reservations during lunch hours however we do offer bookings for private functions after 4pm. (booking fee is waived for 35 guests/over)